10 Feb 2020

This week was very eventful here at the Young At Heart ULO activities.
Monday morning was very busy, with lots to discuss and lots to take in so our activity was kept simple, short and sweet; we spent some time writing short stories where you all take it in turns to add a sentence.

3 Feb 2020

On Monday morning, the Stockton Activity Group took part in a chair-based exercise routine to help with mobility and fine motor skills. The group was well attended and it was great to see some people that we hadn’t seen since before Christmas.

20 Jan 2020

This week has been significantly more relaxed than the last but very busy all the same. On Monday morning, the Stockton group completed the RSPB Spot it quiz of wildlife and wildflowers in their two respective teams. It was great fun listening to the teams discuss and compare and contrast Read more…