24 Feb 2020

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On Monday morning, we started our week-long celebration of pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) by serving everyone at the group hot pancakes with syrup or lemon and sugar. Most of the group indulged before we went on to team up for a pancake day theme quiz. The quiz was well received because of the challenge of some of the questions. It is always nice to score 100% on a quiz but you also need an opportunity to learn something new. For example, we now know that the current world record for the biggest pancake is 15 meters!

The Billingham group came together for their Musical Memories Singing Circle session with Trish. Some of the group members love to use this opportunity to get up and dance, which is very much encouraged and supported by our team.

The Young Onset group didn’t take place as members were unwell.

On Tuesday afternoon, in Thornaby, the group also celebrated Shrove Tuesday and indulged in pancakes with toppings before we took part in the pancake day quiz. This group seemed to struggle more with the questions on this occasion but we saw it as a fantastic opportunity to learn something new about the historic meaning of the day and present facts and records.

Egglescliffe had their first offering of the chair-based exercises to music programme. The group were keen and full of energy and enjoyed trying something new. 

It was a full house at the Hub on Friday for the very popular Musical Memories with Trish. This week Trish has them doing a ‘Round’ of Row Row Row your Boat. They sang along to some Folk, Rock and Blues. It’s hard to keep some of the attendees in their seats.

Full house for Musical Memories Thornaby
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