20 Jan 2020

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This week has been significantly more relaxed than the last but very busy all the same.

On Monday morning, the Stockton group completed the RSPB Spot it quiz of wildlife and wildflowers in their two respective teams. It was great fun listening to the teams discuss and compare and contrast some of the images to figure out what some of the less common pictures were.

In Billingham, the group worked through the RSPB Spot It educational materials in pairs. There was a gentle hum of discussion through the room as they talked through identifying the pictures.

The Young Onset Group were also going to take part in the RSPB Spot It quiz but were quickly sidetracked with conversations about the different pictures of flowers and animals. The pictures did prove to be fantastic conversation prompts and the two group members got to know each other much better through the session.

On Tuesday morning, we had our monthly Magic Moments coffee morning. The theme for this month was “Happy New Year”. The fantastic singer, Caitlin, joined us for the session and sang songs from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s while we counted down to 12 noon (as midnight is a bit late for the staff!). After the music, we enjoyed a game of bingo before the cleanup and the dash to Thornaby.

The Thornaby activity group members attended on mass on Tuesday afternoon. Once we had everyone in and settled with their hot drinks and nibbles, we encouraged some gentle chair-based exercise to music before filling in the final 15 minutes with a game of bingo.

Thursday in Eaglescliffe was an active session as the group took part in the parachute activity with some gentle exercise to help with movement and coordination.

Friday was a busy Musical Memories session, Trish provided the group with some songbooks as they sang some familiar and new songs together with some percussion accompaniment. Beth supported Trish through the session and performed a solo for us on her violin.

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