The Adventures of Brandy-Beetle and Sally-Dog

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*A short story dictated by a lady living with dementia following a game of Beetle

Brandy-Beetle and Sally-Dog, the inspiration behind the story

Once upon a time, a quiet, rigid person bought themselves a puppy called Sally-Dog. Sally-Dog worked as a therapy dog doing things to try to keep people going. The people were all trying to get together to see Sally-Dog but they don’t know how to.

Brandy-Beetle, was not very popular as he looked like someone who has been dragged in where they shouldn’t have been, and should look more like a gentleman!

Sally-Dog and Brandy-Beetle, both worked in the same place and were very friendly with each other. Brandy-Beetle saw Sally-Dog’s dilemma and really wanted to help everybody. Brandy-Beetle, encouraged Sally-Dog to get out and get friendly with the community, getting out and about to where people live, taking help to them.

Some people needed more help than Sally-Dog could give so, where possible, Brandy-Beetle would step in to help by doing whatever he could just in small doses to keep things moving on.

Brandy-Beetle liked to encourage people to sing together to see if it would help people feel better. Sometimes it helped, but other times not. It depended a lot on what was going on. 

Sally-Dog was getting quite comfortable, letting Brandy-Beetle do more of the hard work and was very grateful for all of Brandy-Beetle’s help. Although Sally-Dog was one to hold back and not make a lot of fuss, they worked hard together to try to keep things going and encourage the community with different things like get-togethers and social chitchat over a cup of tea to help build friendships.

In the end, their hard work paid off, they worked slowly to avoid any muddle and the community benefited from their hard work, so they went home for a nap, but the house was full of people.

Dictated by Ann Ford

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