Musical Memories Re-Live the 1960s

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

On Wednesday 4th May, Trish and Beth delivered our first themed Musical Memories Singing Circle performing some of the greatest songs from the 1960s. 

We welcomed many familiar and some new faces, some people who used to come to our singing sessions before we had to close due to COVID. It was so good to see everyone together and hear them singing along. 

Although we had been discussing themed sessions, due to a range of reasons this was the first time we managed to pull everything together and that was thanks to a special request from the Bulmer family. Anne and Geoff (father and daughter) were both celebrating their birthday so asked if we could do something to help them to celebrate. As always, we were happy to do what we could to help make it a birthday to remember. 

Anne and Geoff blow out the candles on their birthday cake

Unfortunately, a few technical issues meant that the session didn’t record so you really did have to be there – if you missed it then you definitely missed out! Don’t worry though, Musical Memories Singing Circle meets every week and we have some more themed sessions in the pipeline so please keep an eye on our social media to find out when these special events are taking place. 

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