Letters To Myself #9

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

As part of Young At Heart ULO’s commitment to encourage and promote opportunities for self-reflection, our members and volunteers are offered the opportunity to write a letter to their past, present or future self on a  regular basis. The letters can be serious reflections on their life or can be a tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in general. Group members can write their own letter or they can work with other people to collectively express thoughts, feelings and emotions. What follows is one of the contributions provided by a group member at one of the writing sessions…

Dear Me, sometime in the future

Never stop chasing your dreams!

Scrap that, make sure you grab them with both hands!!

Don’t worry about what others think.

Make sure you are happy and having fun doing it.

Material things are just that.

Being rich is having those around you and making memories to look back on.

Travel and see the world.

Learn about other cultures.

Meet new people.

There’s more to your little bubble.

Laugh as often as possible.




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