23 Jan 2017

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This morning we had a very busy session at Young At Heart ULO, with 20 people attending our meeting at St John’s Church, Durham Road.

After everyone had arrived and settled in with their hot drinks and biscuits we had a very informal session playing dominoes and chatting. It was really nice to have more of a laid back session, giving everyone the chance for a bit of a catch-up. Although, it doesn’t suit everyone.

Next week is our physical activities session, where we will be playing a range of different games, as chosen by the group.

This afternoon at Young At Heart ULO, LiveWell Dementia Hub, Thornaby we originally had planned to hold a games competition by getting all participants involved in either quoits or bowling. However, the group decided that they would prefer to get together into smaller groups of four and play dominoes instead.

Next week we will be back to our normal routine.

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