8 Aug 2016

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This morning we had our cognitive stimulation session, the theme was ‘Proverbs’.

We had another busy session today, with in excess of 30 people attending, and we are pleased to welcome Grace to our team of volunteers. Grace; from Our Version of Events ULO, loves socialising, listening to The Archers and eating chocolate so I think she will be a great asset to the group (providing she remembers the chocolate!).

We started the session with our usual orientation exercises; asking the group for the day, date, season, etc. and any recent news stories, although it had been a quiet news week so we asked the group to share any good news they had received or anywhere nice they had visited.

We had a list of 100 popular proverbs taken from the internet, and I took it in turns to go to each table reading aloud only the first half of each proverb and asking participants if they could complete the proverb. The original plan was for the activity to be more like a written quiz but we had such a busy session that we opted to shout the answers out loud instead.

Mostly, group members were familiar with the proverbs, but we did come across a few that nobody had ever heard of, e.g. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” and “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride”.

While most of the group took part in the proverb activity, Jean (or Digital Expert) was circulating with the iPads again, offering group members the opportunity to learn all about how touchscreen technology works and engage in a range of stimulating activities.

Next week we have our physical activities again – hope to see you there.

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