1 Aug 2016

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

This morning we had our physical games session. It was quite a big group who came along today, totalling over 30 people.

We started the session with our usual orientation exercises; asking the group members to recall the day, date, time, etc., before moving on to the news.

The group were keen to get started with their games, with a group of gentlemen rushing to play cricket while other members opted for archery, bowling and quoits.

As usual, the physical games were a great success and the majority of the group participated.

For those who wanted a more sedate morning, we had a visit from Jean (our almost resident Digital Expert) who worked with some of our members using iPads and a range of apps to stimulate cognitive engagement.

Next week our cognitive stimulation theme is ‘Proverbs’ – hope to see you there!

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