Getting To Know Dementia Training in Thornaby

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Young At Heart ULO CIC are happy to share that we are now delivering the Positive Approach to Care Getting To Know Dementia Community Training Programme, thanks to funding from Tees Valley Community Foundation.

Their six-part programme delivers Dementia Awareness in bite-sized pieces, with each session lasting around 90 minutes and offering insight into many varied aspects of dementia care:

Part 1: What is Dementia, Really?
This session is designed to develop a basic appreciation for what happens when a brain is changing due to some form of dementia, versus other factors, such as normal ageing or a high-stress lifestyle.

Part 2: What Brain Changes and Shifts in Abilities are Noticed when Dementia Happens?
This session is designed to help people understand what happens to various parts of the brain when someone is developing and living with dementia and to recognise the importance of knowing what is lost or impaired and what is retained, along with an introduction of supportive responses.

Part 3: Looking at Progression and Seeing More than Loss: The GEMS State Model
This session focuses on appreciating the changes that are part of dementia; to see what is changing and see the value in what remains as a condition progresses. The goal is to see that the person living with dementia is doing the best they can, rather than focusing on their losses or assuming they are not trying or doing it on purpose. Introducing the concept of GEMS States, rather than using existing rating scales helps to change their awareness and knowledge about brain change typical in most dementias and how they interpret responses from people living with dementia.

Part 4: The GEMS State Model: In the Right Setting, with the Right Care, all GEMS can Shine
This session highlights ways in which the care partner’s approach impacts the person living with dementia. By changing their approach, they can create positive relationships.

Part 5: New Skills for Helping and Supporting
This session is an opportunity to learn and practice skills to create positive relationships with people living with dementia.

Part 6: Being an Advocate and Building a Support Team
This session is focussed on developing an understanding of the role and responsibilities of an advocate. It also allows exploration of where support will be needed as the condition progresses and relationships and tasks of daily living are impacted.

Each session includes a presentation, handouts, activities and video clips.

Thanks to the funding from Tees Valley Community Foundation, we are also able to offer support with transport to anyone who is unable to attend the sessions due to transport issues.

Over the next six months, we will be delivering the training at four different venues across the borough of Stockton on Tees, bringing it to the community where it is needed. Our primary aim at this time is to work with community care partners (carers) to support them in their caring role but, numbers permitting, we also welcome those who have a general interest in learning more about dementia.

The LiveWell Dementia Hub, Thorntree Road, Thornaby have agreed to host our first block of training sessions. These will take place starting Tuesday 18th April 2-3:30pm and run for 6 consecutive weeks through to May 23rd, which will be the final session of this training block.

Bookings are now open for this training session at the LiveWell Dementia Hub. You can book online, via email: or by calling Alison on 07590535448.

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