Just Yoga Festive Fundraiser

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Julie from Just Yoga, and also a Young At Heart ULO Telephone Buddy, will be hosting a virtual Yoga class using the Zoom video-conferencing platform on Christmas Day to raise much needed funds for our organisation.

2020 has brought many challenges for most people and organisations. Young At Heart ULO has been unable to provide practical face-to-face activities and peer support to people living with dementia and their carers since Tuesday 17 March 2020.

Julie explained why she chose to fundraise for Young At Heart ULO:

“Sadly, because of the current situation, none of the groups have been able to meet since March. Alison has worked hard to make sure that all members of the group have had regular phone calls to help keep them socially connected and I’ve been privileged to help out with some of these calls.

I really understand what a difference just a 20 minute chat on the phone can make to someone’s day, week or even month. Every person I’ve spoken to is patiently waiting to get back to the groups for that much needed social connection with people in a similar situation. Let’s hope this will be possible before too long.

I’ve chosen this cause because I’ve personally either met or spoken to many of the people currently being supported and I know exactly where any money raised will go. Just £10 will pay for tea and biscuits for a month, go towards room hire, maybe pay for supplies to make the venue COVID secure.”

If you would like to take part in the Christmas Day Yoga class, you can register for the class on the ‘Just Yoga’ GymCatch page.

To donate, using PayPal, please use the donation link below. If you would like to donate using another method, please email info@youngatheartulo.org.uk

Thank you to Julie, for choosing Young At Heart ULO as a cause, thank you to those who take part and thank you to all of the donors, listed below.

With heartfelt thanks to the following donors:

Karen Douglas-Weir

Emily Bentley

Elizabeth Stones

Carole Harrison

Kendra Johnson

This event has raised £57 for Young At Heart ULO.

Thank you to Julie of Just Yoga and all donors.

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