March 2020

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This month, our Billingham group celebrated their third birthday by writing their own ‘I Am’ poem:

I am 1 year older

I wonder if I look older

I hear the group singing ‘Happy Birthday’

I see dancing

I want a party

I am 1 year older

Rita recites a poem
Rite recites a poem for the group

The Eaglescliffe group also drafted their own ‘I Am’ poem:

I am okay

I wonder what to do

I hear you calling me

I see a dog in the window

I want a game of golf

I am okay

I pretend all the time

I feel free all the time

I touch you

I worry no cash

I cry a lot

I am okay

I understand I know

I dream a lot

I try to do what you tell me

I hope and pray for a lovely day

I am okay

Stockton parachute and what if

Moon says – I’m not made of cheese, I”m going to have night off

Dog says – you fetch it, you eat this rubbish, take me out please, can I have biscuits, I like cuddles

Billingham 660’s music quiz – given name of artist and played a song then had to name the song. It led to discussions and dancing.

YOD – moon say I’m sick of the dark, Am I cool enough, 

Dog don’t put me down, I want a cuddle, leave me alone let me do my own thing, I’m barking at the window but at what?, I won’t share my toys, I want food, I want the toilet, woof woof, I want to walk

Thornaby – missing word music quiz, replace word with new word and sing song with new word.

Eaglescliffe – 60s music quiz with singing, dancing and entertainment.

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