November 2019

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On Monday morning, the Stockton group took part in a ‘personal torture session’ also known as a Living Active session delivered by our friend Julie. We started the session celebrating the news that Lewis Hamilton had won the Formula 1 Championship for the 6th time – a small number of group members are active followers of the sport. This was a stark contrast to the response when the Rugby World Cup was mentioned and swiftly sidestepped! Although the group weren’t keen to leave their cups of tea and coffee behind, once they were all sat with Julie they all were very active participants in the session with one of our newest members, Jim, making huge efforts to safely get in and out of his wheelchair (supported by his carer).

Before the Young Onset group, on Monday afternoon, our facilitator, Alison, attended a presentation about a prototype app called Peggi. Peggi aims offers a multimedia life story platform accessible for people living with dementia and their family…. When more information is available it will be shared.

YAH Billingham were Balloon Modelling as part of the DZ circus skills activities, the group really engaged and enjoyed the challenge.
Thursday 7th
We saw their competitive sides at YAH Eaglescliffe this week when they tried to beat their opponents at Jenga – removing the blocks without toppling the tower,  Draughts, Chess and Dominos.
W/c 11th
YAH Billingham and Eaglescliffe took part in the MCST Word Games. We looked at Anagrams and Word Ladders, followed by “have you ever… “ the group where ask a question have you ever .. Lived on a farm, Flown in a plane, Lived abroad etc. And a member would tell the group of their experiences.
Monday 18th
YAH Billingham where brainstorming with MCST Food Slogans & Ads. Listing as many as possible food types in the categories of Indian, Chinese, Spanish, British foods etc. Which made members of the group want to go out and try some new food tastes. We then looked at Food slogans and adverts from across the years ..
Thursday 21st
YAH Eaglescliffe Had an active session this week playing indoor curling, practicing their co-ordination and accuracy skills.
Monday 25th
Circus skills at YAH Billingham, this week they practiced balance and co-ordination skills with blocks, hats and Diablo.
Thursday 28th
YAH Eaglescliffe where getting all festive with wreath making.

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