September 2019

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W/c 2nd
Monday it was circus skills at Billingham, the group tried some new skills with the Bowler Hats, Diablo and spinning tops before taking part in the group activity with the Parachute.
Thursday Eaglescliffe group worked on MCST18 proverbs. The first half of the session was a group activity, we recited some well know proverbs. The second half of the session was ‘word association’ we thought of a subject eg. Clothing, Weather, Christmas and listed as many items as we could associated 
with the topic.
W/c 9th
Monday Billingham group took part in the MCST18 session on Proverbs and Word Association.
Thursday Eaglescliffe had an active afternoon playing indoor Curling, having fun been active and competitive.
W/c 16th
Monday Billingham had a session looking back in time. They had a selection of ‘Remember When’ books to look through all features of local history. There was a lot of reminiscing and stories of childhood, one of our members told us of when he used to play for Middlesbrough Football club.
Thursday Eaglescliffe had a creative afternoon of moulding air dry clay into trinket bowls.  We decorated the clay with ink stamped images, allowed the ink to dry before shaping our trinket bowls.
W/c 23rd
Monday Billingham had an active afternoon with DZ circus, fun and laughter practicing more balancing and juggling skills.
Thursday Eaglescliffe group grew ten fold for our BBC big music event, a fabulous afternoon with Trish for some Musical Memories, the group enjoyed an afternoon tea followed up with singing and some dancing.
Friday in Thornaby Livewell Hub another successful Musical Memories session with Trish and her Guitar, Beth on the Violin, whilst the group joined in with singing along and getting noisy playing percussion instruments.
W/c 30th
On Monday Billingham completed their personal Musical Memories playlist. List of songs that bring back memories and are associated with the special times in their lives. After our YAH session we followed on with Musical Memories accompanied by Trish on her Guitar and Beth with her Violin, a smaller quieter session but still fully enjoyed and participated by the group.
Thursday 3rd Eaglescliffe session was all about the money, we looked at some familiar objects and foods stuffs, anything from a chocolate bar to a new house or car, and compared prices from as early as the 1950’s to the current day market value. The group commented on how much they had enjoyed the session.

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