August 2019

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Thursday 1st Relaxed YH session in Eaglescliffe this afternoon, its was all about the conversation over a game of Dominoes.

Monday 12th Billingham had their tri-weekly fun and laughter with Circus Skills, today they practiced their balancing skills, throwing and passing  the juggling batons and catching the ball into the cup.  

Wednesday 14th New members of the Lets Get Arty group chose to get out the glass paints, they painted Sunflower and Bird window decorations.

Thursday 15th our Eaglescliffe group CST14 Team Quiz session, the group worked in pairs to complete a number of quizzes and puzzles based around various general knowledge topics, Song titles, Numbers, Colours and Who Am I?

Monday 19th Today in Billingham it was a session of two halves. First half of the session YAH MCST16 Word Games, the group individually and in groups completed a number of word searches based on Nature, Sport and Science. Second half of the session Musical Memories with Trish, another trip down memory lane with the good old sing-a-long songs.

Tuesday 20th Magic Moments Cafe with Belly dancing, themed refreshments, Bingo and entertainment from … dancers.

Thursday 22nd Eaglescliffe continued working in their pairs with CST14 Team Quiz, to complete the remaining sections about 1950’s Children,s TV, Football Managers from 1965/66 and Name That Theme Tune.

Friday 23rd Musical Memories in Thornaby saw another busy session of Classic Summer songs lead by Trish on her Guitar with accompaniment from Beth and her violin.

Thursday 24th Eaglescliffe group are making Teacup Cookies CST8

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