29 Apr 2019

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

Another fun packed Monday Circus Skills session at the Billingham Young at Heart Group in St Cuthberts Church Hall.

The group practiced new skills this week; throwing the Spinning Top – which needed a throwing action like when you go skimming stones at the beach into the sea. Hula Hoop, we practiced throwing forward in a spinning motion to enable the hoop to come back to us, passing around our bodies and for those of us who don’t mind showing ourselves up, you could practice the traditional hula hoop around your waist. And the third new practice was the Ball and Cup where we needed to swing the ball gently enough in the air to catch in the wooden cup.

Thursdays Group was a little more laid back at Egglescliffe Community Centre, we enjoyed a social afternoon of coffee, chatter and some strategic domino games.

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