1 Apr 2019

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we have been very busy with a range of different activities across our different groups.

On Monday morning, the group in Stockton discussed useful household tips and old wives tales about topics such as household cleaning, vermin control and health care. Did you know that cockroaches don’t like cucumber? Or that hot water and lemon can cure a headache? I don’t think the group members were sold on these traditional tips and tricks but they certainly made for interesting reading!

In Billingham, the theme for the session was sound. The first half of the session involved group members mimicking sounds and actions in a game of ‘Soundiculous’, which was followed by a game of ‘Musical Bingo’ – themed around popular sing-a-long songs from the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s.

Monday afternoon also saw the official launch of ‘The Young Ones’, our Young Onset Dementia support and activity group based at Thornaby’s LiveWell Hub. The majority of the session was spent getting to know the group members, finding out about their family life, work life and their experiences of receiving a diagnosis. We will be continuing the Cognitive Stimulation Therapy programme but want to get to know the new group members before the work begins.

On Tuesday, the group in Thornaby also discussed the useful tip and tricks from yesteryear and were equally as amazed by the thinking behind some of the tips and tricks we shared. Notably, using kerosene to stop stoves from rusting seemed like a very strange and dangerous idea!

Nobody attending the group at Grangefield again on Wednesday. The session runs from 12:30 – 2pm every Wednesday at The Institute, 9-11 Grays Road, Grangefield, TS18 4LN and will follow the CST and MCST model. It is currently running on a 3-month trial, so if there is little interest we will look at replacing the session with something else. If you have any constructive feedback please do let us know!

This week also saw the launch of our new Eaglescliffe activity group at Egglescliffe Community Centre. We had a fabulous turnout of new attendees and some familiar faces from our Stockton and Thornaby groups. The session was spent getting to know each other a little bit better and an introduction to Young at Heart ULO. The activity involved passing the Toss and Talk ball around, answering questions and telling the group a little bit of information about ourselves, some interesting facts came to life, including a number of our attendees had spent time in the company of Royalty!

Next week we will be welcoming Julie from Living Active to our Thornaby session on Tuesday. Julie will be working with us to improve our mobility and confidence.

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