25 Mar 2019

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we reminisced, socialised, challenged our general knowledge and sang our hearts out!

On Monday morning, at St John’s Church, the theme for our session was ‘household objects’, so I took a box full of weird and wonderful old objects along to the session to distribute and discuss. The group had 30 minutes of tactile-time with the objects so that they could figure out and re-enact how the objects might be used, before we discussed what each item was and how it might compare to the modern equivalent.

For the second half of the session, we discussed the articles in the April newsletter, allowing the group members time to ask any questions and feedback on the inclusions. We also chatted about general party themes that we might be able to use as part of future sessions… Watch this space!

On Monday afternoon, at St Cuthbert’s Church Hall, the group took part in a team quiz. We split the group up over 3 tables, allowing for up to six team members on each table and supported by a volunteer. Although the group generally don’t like to be split up, the fact that we were pitting their general knowledge against other teams meant that they were happier and even more competitive than usual!

The three teams were: the spring chickens, the chatty table and team 6+1 and their scores were 40, 27 and 20 respectively.

Again, we ended the session with a discussion around suitable party themes and a sharing of the newsletter articles to ensure everyone could feedback on the topics.

Our session at the LiveWell Hub on Tuesday afternoon also involved the box of vintage household objects and there was a definite hum of conversation in the air as the items were passed around. Members were also more keen to mimic the use of the objects, in particular the old telephone which had many group members conversing to the silent person on the other end!

We also shared the newsletter and discussed party themes.

Nobody attended our group at Grays Road Institute on Wednesday. The group meets every Wednesday from 12:30pm until 2pm. The session is followed by Stepping Out Social, so those who attend are welcome to stay until 4pm to take part in exercise and indulge in cakes and biscuits.

On Friday morning at the LiveWell Hub in Thornaby, we launched our Musical Memories Singing Circle and it was very well attended for a first group. Trish settled straight in with the group and warmed them all up by singing the ‘Hello’ song. It didn’t take long for the group start putting in their requests, which included some Irish songs! Part way through the session, a few of the group members got up to dance, which was so lovely to see. We followed that up with a well earned break that was filled with tea and cake! The break was swiftly followed by more singing, swinging and percussion instrument accompaniments to the song, before we ended with some Julie Andrews and a medley of war songs. Our next Musical Memories Singing Circle takes place at the LiveWell Hub in Thornaby on Friday 26th April at 10:30am.

Next week sees the launch of our new activity and social group in Eaglescliffe, which takes place on Thursday afternoons at Egglescliffe Community Centre on Durham Lane. You don’t have to be local to join – if the day, time and venue are all good for you please do come along.

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