25 Feb 2019

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we had a great time developing our team-working skills through participation in a general knowledge quiz, practising our circus skills and getting to know each other using the ‘toss-n-talk’ ball.

On Monday morning, at St John’s Church, we welcomed quite a few new members to the YAH family. The group teamed up to complete with each other in a general knowledge quiz. The group were quizzed on their mathematical abilities, past proverbs and geographical knowledge, amongst other things. It was a fun morning, with teams shouting out wrong answers to put other teams off.

On Monday afternoon at Old Billingham Community Centre, the group took part in their third circus skills workshop, led by DZ Circus School. We love working with Coral and Josh!

On Tuesday afternoon at the LiveWell Hub, the group worked as one large team to answer a range of general knowledge questions that challenged their knowledge of arts and culture, music, geography, famous people, cooking, etc. We had great fun and were surprised by the speed of some of the group member’s recall, particularly of the tricky maths questions!

On Friday morning at Ingleby Barwick Community Centre, the group learned all about each other with the use of the ‘toss-n-talk’ ball. For example, one of our new group members used to be the Social Secretary for the Conservative Party and was therefore involved in a lot of social speaking events!

Next week, the groups will be taking part in a range of activities again including indoor games, sounds and celebrating!

You are welcome to join the celebrations on Monday afternoon, 1-2:30 pm at Old Billingham Community Centre, East Avenue, Billingham, as we celebrate turning 2 years old! Professional singer, Simon Carter, will be performing and we will be playing some party games. It is not to be missed!

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