11 Feb 2019

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On Monday morning, at our Stockton group, the group spent the session playing number games. We started with ‘Play Your Cards Right’ and worked around the teams until every team had won a game. For the second half of the session we had a game of bingo.

On Monday afternoon, in Billingham, the group talked about all things food. They chatted about their favourite meals, favourite places to eat and all the different kinds of food they enjoy. For the second half of the session, the group worked in teams to complete an A-Z of different categories of food and listed songs about food so we can create a playlist for a future session.

On Tuesday afternoon, after a short delay at our Thornaby session, the group enjoyed playing a number of rounds of ’Play Your Card Right’ before moving on to bingo. 

On Friday morning, at Ingleby Barwick, we had a visit from a lady interested in attending the group and making new friends. If you are free on a Friday morning from 11am, please come along to our group at the Community Centre on Haresfield Way for tea, coffee, biscuits and a natter, amongst other things.

Join us next week to enjoy sharing a random act of kindness in the group.

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