7 Jan 2019

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This week, Young At Heart ULO returned following the two-week break over Christmas and New Year and it was clear that everyone was happy to be back.

On Monday morning in Stockton, it took no less than 45 minutes to get the group settled in order to start the morning activity as the members were so busy chatting and catching up following the break that it would have been incredibly rude to interrupt!

As we had already used half of the session catching up, we decided not to go ahead with the planned activity. Instead, we had a conversation about new year resolutions; why we set them, are they worthwhile, why don’t we set them, why do so many people break them so quickly, etc.

In Billingham on Monday afternoon, the group were full of the joys of the new year when we started the session at East Avenue Community Centre. Again, it took a while to start the session, but we were in no rush as we were just happy to see so many smiling faces.

We had a visit from Bethan from ‘Join Dementia Research‘, who came along to talk to the group about getting involved in dementia research and the types of topics the research covers. Bethan will be attending in the coming months to talk to the carers group, In our Shoes, about signing up to participate in research.

In Thornaby on Tuesday the group was joined by staff from Rosedale care home in Bishopsgarth, who came along to find out more about what happens at the LiveWell Hub.

The Thornaby group was a little quieter than the other groups but we managed to get them talking by asking them in turn to complete a series of ‘I am’ statements, which led to a chorus of ‘I Believe‘ after asking one member to complete that statement!

At the end of each of the sessions, I shared copies of our very first newsletter, which we hope to publish on a monthly basis. The newsletter aims to keep you informed of any upcoming activities, events and talks that you might want to know about. You can get a digital copy of the January 2019 newsletter here.

Next week we will be talking about our family history and completing a family tree in the groups. On Wednesday evening a small group of members will be attending ‘Rapunzel’ in Hutton Rudby and we cannot wait!

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