19 Nov 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we have been working to exercise the brains of the group members with a multi-round quiz that covered a range of skills, topics and areas of interest.

On Monday morning in Stockton, we split the group into 3 teams and, after the usual orientation exercises and filling the group with hot drinks and biscuits, we set the group away with the quiz pack. The pack included 10 rounds of questions and activities that covered topics such as image recognition, mathematics, music, TV themes, football, authors and colours. It covered multiple decades dating back to the 1950’s.

On Monday afternoon in Billingham, again we split the group into 3 teams ready for the multiple round quiz. The teams worked really hard and the winning team scored an amazing 85 points out of a possible 110! It was lovely to hear the small teams working together to answer the questions and support and encourage each other.

On Tuesday afternoon in Thornaby, we split the group into 3 teams to take part in the quiz but we also offered a creative activity of creating a collage because we realised at the last minute we were missing something for the WW1 Afternoon Tea ‘Unremembered’ event taking place on Wednesday 28th November at Grays Road Institute, Grangefield. Sadly, some of the group really struggled with the quiz but everyone took part and did their best, which is all we can ask of them. However, regardless of how much some group members struggled, they all took part and did their best.

The ‘In Our Shoes’ carers group in Thornaby had a visit from Peter Ridley, the Crime Prevention Coordinator from Cleveland Police. He came to talk to the carers group about supporting older, vulnerable and at risk groups within the community. He also offered a question and answer session and left a wealth of information for the carers to digest.

Peter Ridley will be attending Stockton’s In Our Shoes group on Monday 2nd December and Billingham’s In Our Shoes group on Monday 10th December.

Next week we make a start on our Christmas crafts and we also have our WW1 Afternoon Tea as part of our contribution to the ‘Unremembered’ Project on Wednesday. For more information call Alison on 07590 535448.

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