3 Sep 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we had a very busy week as we took the groups back in time to their childhood. 

In Stockton, the group indulged in some candy cigarettes, Black Jacks and aniseed balls while talking about and completing a life history document purely based on their childhood – up to leaving what we would now call Secondary School. They also completed a very basic family tree that contained their siblings, parents and grandparents details. At the end of the session, the group completed a positive statement to go into our jar of positivity.

Like Stockton, the Billingham group also appeased their sweet tooth and indulged in a selection of vintage and retro sweets while completing their childhood life history documents. The group also shared their favourite childhood memories and we weren’t surprised to learn that their most memorable moments were ones where they were doing something they shouldn’t have done!

Anne led the session in Thornaby, where they replicated the earlier sessions while enjoying a selection of vintage sweets.

Next week we will continue to devour vintage sweets while the group take part in a food-themed session.

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