6 Aug 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO has been very eventful and full of various activities.

In Stockton, we had a relaxed morning that mainly consisted of drinking tea, eating biscuits and playing dominoes. The group have been doing a lot of work recently towards our Unremembered project so it is important to take a step back and do something a little different. It was also a busy morning because we were organising our trip to Shildon’s Locomotion Museum.

Billingham was eventful and, as a result, we are now moving our session from John Whitehead Park to East Avenue Community Centre. Aside from that, our group split in half for this week’s session; we had half of the group playing cards and dominoes while the other half of the group created poppy brooches using recycled verticle blinds.

In Thornaby, the group also split in half so that half of the group could make a start on our WW1 dog tags while the rest of the group again played dominoes. We used this opportunity to consult with the gentlemen who were playing dominoes about what activities might appeal specifically to them.

Next week we will be taking a break from our Unremembered project to take part in some team building games and exercises with all of our groups.

We are taking the group to Shildon’s Locomotion Museum on Thursday 30th August, £10 per person. For more information call Alison on 07590 535 448.

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