Teesside Princess Afternoon Tea Trip 2018

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

On Thursday 26th July 2018, a group of almost 30 people came together to enjoy Afternoon Tea while sailing along the River Tees on board the Teesside Princess. The group was made up of members of the Young At Heart ULO group for people living with dementia, In Our Shoes carers support group, Stepping Out Social falls prevention exercise class and Golden Zumba’s Zumbarettes.

We boarded in time for the noon sailing and took our place in the lower deck ready for the food and entertainment. When I boarded, it was lovely to see so many different groups coming together for the afternoon out. 

The Captain did a great job of imparting his local knowledge of the works that had previously lined the River Tees, which created a hum of conversations and reminiscence of where people worked or who they knew who worked for those companies. 

The staff on board were brilliant, providing a top quality table service and serving lunches at different to each table, as per the occupants requests. Our only grumble, which wasn’t the fault of the staff, was how hot it was on board as the temperatures outside soared to over 25 degrees!

The selection of sandwiches and cakes were beautifully presented on a three-tiered platter and, although you can’t please everyone all of the time, the general consensus was that the lunch was very nice.

I would like to thank the staff at the Teesside Princess for all of their support and top class service, as well as everyone who came along for the ride. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves in their own way and look forward to our next trip to Shildon’s Locomotion Museum in August.

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