2 Jul 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we started work on the upcoming Cupcake Week event taking place on Wednesday 11th July from 10 am – 1 pm at Grays Road Institute.

In Stockton, we started with the usual orientation exercises before chatting about recent events and activities. We handed out the cupcake bunting templates and discussed some options for new and exciting flavours of cupcakes before the group made a start on colouring the cupcakes in.

In Billingham, the group met for a picnic in the park at John Whitehead Park as the cafe and community hub are still not open. After erecting 2 gazebos to provide shelter from the sun, the group tucked into a platter of sandwiches, savoury treats and cakes with a glass of orange juice. We sang along to some music from yesteryear and discussed a potential change of venue – the group voted to stay at the cafe for the time being. We hope to be back in the Community Hub this coming Monday….. fingers crossed!

Our Thornaby session wasn’t too dissimilar to Stockton with the exception of the amount of singing that the group participated in. I have a playlist of background music for when we are taking part in more sedate activities and the group really came alive when particular songs came on. It is always lovely to see (and hear).

Next week’s activity is still undecided so why not pop along to the session to find out? Hope to see you there!

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