18 Jun 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO the members had quite an energetic session which included not only a physical workout but also a mental workout too.

The group at Stockton teamed up and took part in 2 general knowledge quizzes organised by Mandy, one of our regular volunteers at the group. The quiz, along with the refreshments and general socialising, took up the whole of the session.

In Billingham, Cafe In The Park’s Community Hub was still out of action so the group met again at the Bowling Club situated in the grounds of the park. As we are still purchasing drinks from the ‘Cafe’ it took a little while to get everyone settled with drinks and nibbles before we could start on the seated exercises. There were audible groans from the group when they were reminded of the activity but those frowns were quickly turned upside down when some members took to ballroom dancing (waltzing) around the room and others took to chasing me around the room! Following on from the exercise, we worked through the 20 questions in the general knowledge quizzes and discussed some of the answers.

In Thornaby, the exercise session was a little more sedate than Billingham but everyone took part in the session to the best of their ability. The session was enjoyable, with the group engaging in social activities. Again, we ended the session with the general knowledge quizzes and updates about the Eden Camp trip taking place on Thursday 21st June.

Next week will be preparing for our Cupcake Day (see below for invite) by making a start on the bunting – time to get creative!

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