30 Apr 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we took part in a range of small group and large group conversations in order to get to know each other, discuss our life histories and share random facts about ourselves prompted by conversation starters.

On Monday morning, the Stockton group spread across 2 tables and took part in small group discussions led by the volunteers. Volunteers were provided with a predetermined list of questions. One table worked through a list of questions about their life that required more factual answers, while the second table worked through a list of journaling questions that are open to interpretation and answers may vary each time the question is asked. Both groups enjoyed the conversations for different reasons – some particularly for the comedy!

On Monday afternoon, the Billingham group took part in an activity where they designed a poster that would tell people a little about them using images and words to answer a range of questions. The members then had to draw a self-portrait/representation of self in the centre of the page. To end the session, I asked the group some multiple choice, philosophical questions about how they felt about various aspects of life.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Thornaby group took part in a large group question and answer session sharing details about their life history and answering journal-style questions.

Next week the group will be starting their clay poppies for our participation in the Unremembered project.

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