3 Apr 2018

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This week was a quiet week with yesterday being Easter Monday. Although, I had put the day off to some good use by attending an antique fayre and making some purchases to help deliver today’s session in Thornaby.

The session started with the usual orientation exercises before I introduced the group to my most recent purchase – a 1930’s picnic record player with 10 records. We chatted about the record player and listened to some of the records before we had a show and tell session of some of the smaller, vintage pieces I have purchased. These items included cigar tins, a driving licence, petrol ration book, smoking pipe and hair nets.

After the tactile conversation session, we had a little bit of time to spend doing some creative thinking, so we worked as a group to start to write a story about the life of the record player – where it was made, who bought it, what adventures it was part of.

Next week we will be replicating today’s activity in Stockton and Billingham while, in Thornaby, the group will be taking part in the Down Memory Lane project funded by Teesside Park owners British Land and delivered by Bauer Academy.

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