26 Mar 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we continued with the theme of Easter. All who attended were offered some delicious, toasted hot cross buns to enjoy with their cups of tea and coffee. The offer of nibbles initiated the singing of the popular children’s song:

Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

If you have no daughters,
give them to your sons.
One a penny two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

We spoke about Easter and went on to play a made-up game that I called “Word Association Scrabble”. I wrote EASTER in the middle of some squared paper and the group members had to come up with words that are associated with Easter but the letters that made up the word had to intersect the letters on the board – just like a traditional game of scrabble but without the letter tiles. Some people struggled with the concept of the game so volunteers led the ‘scrabble’ element by asking group members for the words and finding space on the board to ‘play’ the word.

For some groups, this activity and conversation filled the whole session, but the Billingham group also wrote Easter themed acrostic and mesostic poems that covered the commercialised aspects of Easter as well as the Christian element.

Next week is Easter Monday, so the Stockton and Billingham group won’t meet until the following week. However, Thornaby will go ahead as usual.

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