10 Mar 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO we had a cognitive stimulation themed session based on houses and homes.

To begin with, we spoke about the houses that we all grew up in – how many rooms, where was the bathroom, how much was the rent? Then we moved on to our first home that we bought or rented ourselves – how much did it cost, what was it like, how long did we live there, etc.

After the discussion, we moved on to a game called ‘Estate Agents’ where the group were provided with a photograph and description of a house that is currently on the market and asked to guess how much the property would cost. It was really interesting to see how many group members over-valued the smaller properties but under-valued the larger properties.

We then had a quick quiz, asking the group to identify who or what lives in a particular ‘house’ (e.g. sty, kennel, vicarage, etc.). By this time the session was almost over so we didn’t get to play ‘house beetle’ – I will save that for another week!

Next week is our social/coffee morning at St John’s Church which is open to anyone to attend. Tickets are £5 each and include food and drinks. Billingham and Thornaby will be making a start on an Easter-themed activity.

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