26 Feb 2018

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This week at Young At Heart ULO spring was certainly in the air, even if snow was prominent on the ground! This week our games and discussions were all on the theme of plants and gardening, starting off with a fun game of flower beetle, a variation of the traditional game of beetle.

Here are the rules of our version of flower beetle (the number you roll on the dice and what you draw):

1 – draw nothing

2 – draw the flower pot

3 – draw the flower stem

4 – draw a leaf (one at a time, you need 2 in total)

5 – draw a petal (one at a time, you need 6 in total)

6 – draw the flower centre

The game was great fun and we found some budding (get it?) artists in the group who have a special flair for drawing flowers, we also found some thorny (okay, I’ll stop now), self-critical artists who were actually really good – some might say late bloomers!

Depending on the time remaining after flower beetle (it lasted a lot longer than I had anticipated), the groups worked together to see how many words that could make from the letters that spell HORTICULTURE, which is the art if growing plants, or completing some flower themed word searches.

I am as yet undecided about the activity for next week so check back then to see what we got up to!

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