Letters To Myself #6

Published by Alison Watson-Shields on

As part of Young At Heart ULO’s commitment to encourage and promote opportunities for self-reflection, our members and volunteers are offered the opportunity to write a letter to their past, present or future self on a  regular basis. The letters can be serious reflections on their life or can be a tongue-in-cheek commentary on life in general. Group members can write their own letter or they can work with other people to collectively express thoughts, feelings and emotions. What follows is one of the contributions provided by a group member at one of the writing sessions…

To my future self,

You have not been shopping again for those horrible long johns that were smelly when you bought them, and smelly again, have you? You must stop doing those marathon runs – it doesn’t do your arthritis any good, and the long johns can’t stand the strain.

I see Donald Trump is now in a nursing home, and you are the only one invited to America to give him long johns that fit, and a bunch of bananas. I see that Teresa May is now Donald Trump’s other wife and you were a Page Boy at the wedding. Proud that you got a medal for the oldest page boy in history! Donald Trump is now 105 and you sang “Tell Me The Way to Go Home” for him.

It’s good that you travelled across the Atlantic in a ‘tin bath’ and were welcomed by David Beckham, who is now Prime Minister.

Best wishes

Your better-looking self that I love more than you!


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