20 Feb 2017

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This morning at Young At Heart ULO, St John’s Church, Durham Road, Stockton, we had quite a diverse range of activities going on to keep the group active and entertained.

While Mary was going around selling food hamper raffle tickets and Ray was going around with our blind card for afternoon tea, I set up the parachute game and encouraged as many of the group as possible, including our volunteers from Endeavour, to take part. Once I got the group set up, I left them with Rory (volunteer) in charge of the commands.

Jean was also at the group delivering iPad activity sessions with a small number of participants. Sheila, in particular, enjoys creating pots on the Pottery HD app on the iPad.

The rest of the group all sat together to play dominoes and have a chat.

We filled our first blind card last week and the winner of Afternoon Tea at Remember Me Tea Rooms in Stockton was our volunteer, Olive. We hope that Olive has a wonderful time with whoever she chooses to share her prize with (she did hint at taking Margi, one of our group members – enjoy!).

Next week we will be doing an activity a little more cognitively stimulating, I’m still undecided as to what it might be, though.

Today at Young At Heart ULO, John Whitehead Park Community Hub, Billingham, we had great fun. Starting with a round of hot drinks and cornflake cakes, we chatted with the group about their hobbies and interests to explore ideas for future activities. It is safe to say that a pamper day needs to be organised soon as this option certainly sparked a lot of interest!

After this we had a bit of fun playing tiddlywinks and jenga.

Next week we will be taking part in an activity related to International Women’s Day coming up in March.

We had a quiet but active afternoon at the LiveWell Dementia Hub, Thorntree Road, Thornaby.

Starting with the orientation exercises, we then spent a few minutes introducing ourselves to our new member, Ann, and telling her a bit about what we do at Young At Heart ULO and what keeps us coming back.

After this we spent the rest of the afternoon taking part in the parachute game. The parachute games is generally popular in Thornaby, and today didn’t disappoint today. As soon as the beach ball and bean bags land on the parachute the atmosphere changes!

Next week we will be taking part in a creative activity.

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