4 Jul 2016

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Today we had a physical activity themed session, offering attendees the opportunity to take part in indoor cricket, quoits and bowling, as well as a toss n talk ball for those who don’t want to be as active.

We started the session with the orientation exercises; discussing the date, season, location, news, etc. All of the news articles recalled were sports related – Wimbledon, football and the Austrian F1. Volunteers sorted out the hot drinks and biscuits on the tables so that people could help themselves.

Members assisted in setting up the activities in the hall and encouraged each other to take part. All but 2 attendees took part in the sporting activities, those who chose not to participate were offered the opportunity to work with one of our volunteers on the iPad, to look at different apps and engage in mentally stimulating activities.

Next week we are having a Wimbledon themed session.

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