6 Jun 2016

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We had a very busy morning today as we had a lot of information to share with group members.

We started with our usual cup of tea/coffee and biscuits and gave the group opportunity to chat and catch up with each other as we hadn’t seen each other for 2 weeks.

At the end of the previous session, one participant commented that they would like to have a song to start and end each session with, so I asked the group to come up with some suggestions of what that song might be. Our volunteer, Wendy, suggested Jolly Good Company and the group all agreed that was a good choice. This means that starting from next week we will start each session with a short sing-a-long.

Olive sold raffle tickets for this weeks 10-item food hamper, which was won by Tom. He was delighted to win the raffle even though he is taking a short a break very soon and may not be able to enjoy his winnings until he returns home!

We also organised a fun football sweepstake for the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament that begins on Thursday. Every member of the group was assigned a team at random. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feed to see how our members are getting on.

The group have requested the parachute again for next week – let’s hope that the sun is shining so that we can use the beautiful garden.

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