16 May 2016

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This morning at Young At Heart ULO we kick-started our Dementia Awareness Week celebrations with a physical games session in the main church hall.

At the start of the session the group met together around the tables to drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits and chat together and with the volunteers while I set up the physical games. On offer we had bowling, quoits and indoor cricket. Once the activities were set up the group members took it in turns to take part in each of the games.

Mary took charge of the weekly raffle, the prize is a 10 item food and drink hamper made up by donations from the group. Tickets are £1 a strip and the money raised helps to cover the running costs for the group including contributions for trips ad equipment the group may wish to purchase.

We had one new participant this week and she was lucky enough to win our hamper too – beginners luck, some might say!

The theme for next week is categorising objects – time to create some new cards!

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