25 Apr 2016

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This morning at Young At Heart ULO our theme was sound, so we tried the parachute game for the first time as we had to listen to music and instructions.

At the start of the session, I shared some ideas with the group about their possible new logo based on their suggestions. I circulated the printed images and the group decided they wanted a teapot that was all of the colours of the rainbow.

The group now serve themselves tea and coffee at the tables, at their request, so our volunteers set the tables up with tea bags, coffee granules, sugar, spoons and hot water in drip resistant, thermos jugs.

We had a visit from our friend, Richard, who came along to take some new photographs of the group for a display at The LiveWell Hub in Thornaby. He also played the piano for us, which was wonderful. I don’t think he realised we were listening!

After our morning drinks we all sat in a circle and were given the parachute to hold between us. I set the music playing and was able to witness the smiles, giggles and full blown laughter (which led to tears of laughter in some cases) while the group followed the instructions that were fed to them in a strong American accent.

The group enjoyed the parachute game, so we are going to buy some more instruction CDs and add it as a regular activity to our repertoire.

We had a fabulous raffle hamper made up of small donations from our members. We sold tickets and Ralph was the lucky person to take the hamper home with him.

Next week our theme is physical games, where I will be providing a variety of activities that get the group up and moving around the hall.

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