22 Feb 2016

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We started the morning with hot drinks, biscuits and a lot of gossiping, before moving on to our routine welcome exercises – asking for the day, month, year, weather, season and any hot news topics to be discussed.

The theme for today’s sessions was gardening, so I had prepared a list of discussion topics as well as a quiz and an A-Z of flowers.

The group was split into 3 teams (daffodils, spuds and weeds – their choice, not mine!) and we had a chat about gardening, gardens at home, favourite flowers, allotments and Flower and Produce shows.

After this we moved on to our 20 question quiz that included questions around the process of photosynthesis, the art of gardening, types of flowers, colours of flowers and garden pests. All three teams scored really highly in the quiz, so we moved on the our flower A-Z, which involved naming a flower for all 26 letters of the alphabet. Again, all three teams scored really highly and we only had 2 blanks to fill.

We had a visit from Debbie from Volunteering Matters who has been very busy organising a reminiscence events at Preston Park, so she came along to invite the group to the event. We also handed out information on how to get involved in some local and national research into dementia through the National Institute for Health Research.

Our theme for next week is sound….. I’m still looking for some inspiration for this session so watch this space.

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