18 Jan 2016

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Our theme for today’s session was ‘current affairs’ so I prepared 4 different subjects for discussion in small groups based on subjects that had recently been in the news. Each question was given to each table for 15 minutes to discuss before being passed on to the next group along with a printed copy of the news article which prompted the question. At the end of the session we came together to discuss our responses with the whole group.

The questions we considered were:

  1. Should the UK invest in their own space agency? This is based on the first British person to complete a space walk.
  2. Should the UK disarm their nuclear missiles? This comes after Jeremy Corbyn hinted at disarming the nuclear warheads on board our submarines.
  3. Should people who drive under the influence of drink and/or drugs be charged with manslaughter if the kill someone? This is because of a change in law that will see people who cause death by driving under the influence be charged with manslaughter.
  4. Should post-op (transgender) people be allowed to compete in beauty contests? Based on the story of someone who was born male but had undergone surgery to become physically a woman being disqualified from Miss Galaxy UK after judges found out she was born a man.

These questions stimulated some great discussion within the small groups with some contrasting opinions, jokes and laughter coming from the tables. By the end of the session there was a consensus among the groups in response to the questions.

  • Nobody felt that it was important for the UK to become involved in the space industry and felt that the money would be better spent on the NHS.
  • Nobody felt that it would be appropriate to disarm our nuclear warheads, especially while other countries still have them. They felt that it would make us ‘sitting ducks’ waiting for a nuclear strike.
  • Everybody agreed that people who kill someone while driving under the influence should face tougher punishments, but there was some ongoing discussion about whether that person had committed murder or manslaughter because, even though they don’t drive with the intention to kill someone they are very much aware of the risks they are taking in driving while under the influence.
  • Nobody believed it was fair for post-op women to take part in beauty pageants, but this was nothing to do with genetics but because they had artificial, rather than natural beauty. This prompted discussions around whether women who have been aesthetically enhanced should be allowed to take part – the answer was a resounding no!

Next week we will be taking part in activities on the theme of food.

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