11 Jan 2016

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This morning at Young At Heart we spent some time working on our Life Story books, which ask about our ancestral and decedents family tree, our education and employment, and family memories. It also includes space for family to write some of their memories too.

For the first time we split the tables so that the larger group could be split into four smaller group to encourage discussion and conversation between members without the interruption of other people’s conversations. This appeared to work well and group members appeared to be a lot chattier. Sadly, some late arrivals spent the session sat separately from the group, so next week we will be trying to split the group a little more evenly across the tables.

After spending some time on the life story books, we went around the group searching for the meaning and history behind member’s surnames online at www.surnamedb.com. We had some really interesting stories linked to surnames and we have a diverse heritage in our group.

Next week we will be discussing ‘Current Affairs’, splitting four different topics around the tables and spending some time watching the news.

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