21 Sep 2015

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Today, at Young At Heart, our theme was ‘Being Creative’.

We started our session with the refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits while we set up the space for our activities. One everyone was settled with a drink we completed the orientations exercises and chatted about recent news articles. Syrian migrants were mentioned again and this led to a discussion about the need for more good news to be shared, as the group felt that the constant sharing of only bad news was causing a lot of the depression experienced by people.

We handed out various art and crafts activities, including paint/colour by numbers, latch hook sets, proggy mats and masquerade masks, but after a short discussion about the activities most of the group confessed that they weren’t really interested in creative arts, so we played dominoes instead.

The group really enjoyed playing dominoes and spent a lot of time laughing and joking. Winners were given a biscuit as a prize and one member really took charge of the game by dealing the tiles, prompting people to take their turn and informing people of the numbers that were needed. It was great to have a member take charge of the activity and include all of the members.

Our theme for next week is ‘Categorising Objects’.

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