14 Sep 2015

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This morning, at Young At Heart, we had a party to celebrate the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning monarch.

Members of the group brought in cakes and biscuits, as well a some Bucks Fizz for a toast, to create a very nice buffet for the group. We also had tea and coffee available for the group.

We started the session with a very short explanation about what we were celebrating and why, before singing the national anthem, ‘God Save The Queen’, and toasting with the Bucks Fizz. After the toast we listened to popular music from the decade of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, which took place on 2nd June 1952 while people helped themselves to the buffet food and drinks.

Once the group were settled Wendy performed a number of musical tunes from the era – the group sang along with most of them too. Some people were also reading some magazines that were printed at the time of the Coronation and covered the period from King George’s death through the Coronation and the start of the Queen’s reign.

Feedback was all incredibly positive, but one member did comment that he would have liked it if the group had spent some time dancing to the music, rather than just sitting and listening. Next time we have a celebration we will ensure that the members are encouraged to spend some time dancing together.

Next week our theme is ‘Being Creative’ so a number of different creativity projects will be provided for members to participate in.

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