7 Sep 2015

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This morning, at Young At Heart, our theme was ‘Word Association’, however we had so many new members that we had to spend a lot of the session playing ‘getting to know you’ games.

At the start of the session we quickly realised that we would need some more table space in order to cater for the new members who had come along. While we were re-organising the set up of the hall, the members were happy chatting to each other and some carers helped to make the cups of tea and coffee for the group.

There was a bit of confusion as some new people felt they shouldn’t be there, so time was spent trying to find out how the group could meet their needs but, after chatting to their carers, it was decided that it might be best for the small group to meet at a coffee shop as there is no space in the venue for a group to meet privately.

After the confusion was sufficiently resolved we were able to carry on with the original session theme. We started by playing a short ‘getting to know you’ game so that all of the members were introduced to each other and learned a little bit about each other’s background. Then we had a little bit of time left to work through the ‘word associations’ that had been prepared.

The group felt that the session hadn’t really worked too well due to the disruption caused by the confusion, but understood that these sorts of issues are very rare. They were happy to chat with each other though.

Next week we are breaking from our Cognitive Stimulation based sessions to have a party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch.

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