17 Aug 2015

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This morning at Young At Heart we were discussing current affairs, so we had a long list of divisive questions to get everyone’s minds working and blood pumping. Thankfully we didn’t have any arguments and it was great to listen to everyone sharing their own, personal opinions without disagreements taking place.

Our first question was on the topic of politics and the groups were asked what they thought of MP Jeremy Corbyn potentially taking the leadership of the Labour party. Nobody in the group was aware of the situation with the Labour party so nobody had an opinion.

Next we asked the group what they thought about the migration issues at the EuroTunnel. This topic caused quite a stir in the group, with opinions varying from “shoot them”, to helping them set up residence somewhere in Europe, but one member did stress that we should help our own before we help others and the rest of the group did agree.

Then we went on to ask about how gender roles have changed and what the group thought of the changes. The group agreed that it was each to their own and that circumstances have changed with regard to the cost of living so this forces some people out to work, rather than staying home to raise their children. One member told us how his wife made it clear when they got married that should they have children she would quit work to raise them.

We also asked for opinions on divorce, gay marriage and retirement.

Next week we will be looking at famous faces and places.

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