27 Jul 2015

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This morning at Young At Heart our session was around the theme of ‘Sound’ so we decided to have a TV theme music quiz. The group split into 2 teams, mixing together the carers with the service users for assistance, and had to name 40 different TV theme music clips. We listened to 30 seconds of each clip to hopefully give enough time to recognise the tune, without it being so long that people got bored, or that the session ran over – 40 songs can last a while!

At the start of the session we had 3 new people join us, it is always nice to have new faces come along to find out what we are about. We welcomed them with a nice, hot cup of tea and a plate full of delicious biscuits. We were all introduced to each other and we all took part in the orientation activity of discussion the day, month, year, time, season, weather and recent events from the news.

The group shared 3 stories:

1. The tragic passing of Whitney Houston’s daughter

2. Tax now has to be paid on anything you sell on ebay

3.  Proposal to cull Seagulls

These news topics created a diverse discussion among the group while tea and coffee was served.

The TV theme music quiz seemed to work really well and it was great to see the group working together. However, if we did something like this again, especially on the theme of TV shows, I would choose fewer themes and allow more time to discuss the TV shows and any popular story lines. This is because our quiz today overran by 20 minutes, which meant that we lost our discussion time at the end of the session. As with everything we do, it is always trial and error and it is good that we can quickly recognise where we have gone wrong and know how to improve things in the future.

Young At Heart have also been shortlisted for the £10,000 goalden giveaway run by the Middlesbrough and Teesside Philanthropic Foundation, giving us the opportunity to benefit from a cash injection of up to £2,500. It would be great if you could spare a minute and head over to www.teessidecharity.org.uk and vote for us. Please ask your family and friends to do the same. Voting closes on 21st August. Thank you.

Next week our theme is on Childhood so we will be discussing our many favourite things from our youth. Look forward to seeing you then!

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