13 Jul 2015

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It was wonderful this morning to see so many regular and new faces ready to take part in today’s activities. It’s always great when regulars return week after week to gather together to share stories and jokes and discuss current topics, but the cherry on top is when new faces pop up along the way, and today there were no shortages of cherries! We had 6 new faces who had come along to find out what Young At Heart is all about and so that we could find out a little more about them. So, before the usual ramblings I would just like to say a huge “thank you” to our regulars for coming back week after week to continue to influence local services for people living with dementia, and I would also like to say a huge “welcome” to the new faces who came today. I do hope you continue to support the development of Young At Heart and grow with us over the coming weeks, months and years. I’m sure our regulars would agree that we look forward to learning more about you, working with you and challenging you.

This morning at Young At Heart we had the theme of “A Question of Sport” inspired by the tennis tournament at Wimbledon.

Once everyone had arrived and settled in with a hot cup of tea or coffee, the group took turns in introducing themselves to our new members and the new members told us a little bit about themselves, It is safe to say that we have some well travelled, very active members at Young At Heart!

After the introductions the group teamed up to answer some questions on the theme of sports. If the team couldn’t answer the question then it was thrown open to the whole group, but we did have a little bit of conferring going on between the teams. The quiz included questions like ‘Which sport is associated with Wimbledon?’ And ‘What is a chukka?’. It covered sports ranging from football to polo to equestrian sports, and many,many others too.

While we were serving up the Eton mess (strawberries, meringue and cream) we had a discussion about school sports days, the sports that we took part in, famous sports people we had met and sports personalities of today (including their hefty salaries!).

One member of the group had ran against a famous sports personality, one had met a number of golf personalities, and one had almost been ran over by an aged motor racing personality!

The session this morning has received lots of positive feedback from the group and I am personally looking forward to running more interactive sessions like this in the coming weeks as we slightly alter the format of each session to provide a little bit of structure for those who have asked for it.

See you next week for a hot cup of tea and a natter!

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