6 Jul 2015

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This morning at Young At Heart we had another visit from the new Dementia Advocate, Lucy, who was working with one of our members. We all sat together to enjoy a nice cup of tea and catch up with what we had all done since we last met. Some members had been to Redcar, some had been to the Halcyon Day Centre and some had been to see a performance at the ARC.

After our catch up the group couldn’t agree on a group activity so everyone took part in a solitary activity but with support and with constant conversation going.  One member worked hard to complete a crossword but sought help from the group when struggling to find the right word, one member of the group took part in some brain training activities from an activity book, one member of the group took part in some arts and crafts activities, while another completed word searches and mazes. It was nice to be able to relax and do something a little different.

Next week, depending on the weather, we are going to read and discuss some popular childhood poetry OR head outside to enjoy the garden and water feature, where we can still listen to some poetry.

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